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Are SEO Services Important for Gambling Websites?

Gambling websites are currently popping up on the Indonesian internet due to the increasing demand for gambling games from online gamblers in The World. This of course will attract a lot of attention from new gambling webmasters to create gambling sites to get profit by providing online gambling games, maybe including you as well as new gambling webmasters. But did you know that Website Gambling SEO Services are very much needed for those of you who have a new website?

Gambling Website SEO Services is a service that will help develop your business website with this one gambling website SEO service. This Gambling Website SEO Service also provides a professional workforce for you to really prove the results of the development of your website with this one Gambling Website SEO Service.


Talking about a gambling website, since gambling entered the online system, this one game has more and more fans. because as we know that gambling itself in the World is something that is forbidden to do. But even so, still, gamblers are not afraid and continue to play gambling because this one game is very profitable to play, right? For this reason, the online gambling website was born in order to meet the demands of gamblers who want to play gambling safely, comfortably, and easily, this online gambling website is here for players who want to gamble online.

However, the high demand for gambling games has made many online gambling websites appear more and more uncountable. This of course will create big competition in the world of online gambling, because the emergence of many websites will make each other’s websites compete to be the highest at the top of Google search so that they can get lots of visitors or traffic from existing gambling players.

Now the question is, how do you, as the owner of a new gambling website, be able to compete with other websites that are above you? If you want to do it yourself, you can if you want. But to compete with other websites, some search engine optimization techniques are needed or what we are better known as SEO to be able to advance your website and compete with other websites.

This is the key to the progress of your gambling website later, if you understand and understand SEO techniques, it’s not a difficult job for you. but for those of you who do not understand SEO techniques? Surely it will be very difficult right? Because learning SEO techniques is not as easy as you think, because you have to learn and understand SEO techniques yourself if you want to make your website develop much better.

If you don’t understand and understand SEO optimization techniques, it’s a good idea to use this one Recommended SEO Website Gambling Service. by using this Gambling Website SEO Service, you can easily develop and advance your gambling website very well and can also compete with your competitors in this gambling website. for that, if you want to develop your website well, it is very important for you to use this one KING4D Professional Seo Service Gambling because you will be helped to develop and advance your website properly.

If someone asks how important SEO Gambling Services are for webmasters, the answer is very important. Because your website will progress much faster and faster by using this one SEO Website Gambling Service. let’s start contacting us before your competitors contact us.

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Benefits of SEO Taxonomy

Taxonomy is the same as classifying things based on certain criteria. In addition to increasing SEO and Click-through Rate (CTR) websites. As a result, the existing content looks tidier and organized in the eyes of your audience. They are also easier to navigate what’s on your website.

What are the uses of SEO Taxonomy?

SEO Taxonomy is the process of optimizing Search Engine pages for websites that are based on the organizational structure of content, for example, categories and tags.

Then how? Very simply, SEO Taxonomy is the same as you updating content that you have published. This you can do by adding pictures, or the number of words so that the content feels more informative and In-Depth.

Other ways such as updating common SEO elements in your content such as Meta Titles, Meta Description, to make excerpts in each post.

SEO Taxonomy has the following advantages:

  1. The content on the website looks much more tidy and easy to navigate
  2. Facilitate the search engine Crawling process because the website structure is more optimal and easy to search for search engines
  3. Website User Interface is more User Friendly

How SEO Taxonomy Works

Although it has been explained above that SEO Taxonomy is the same as changing or updating the existing content, but actually it’s not that easy. First, you have to know the type of website. There are many types of websites themselves, but the most popular ones are:

  • News Portal
  • Company Profile
  • Market Place
  • Forum

You need to know that each type has a different category. Each has its own characteristics. For example, the News portal category is in the form of “technology, politics, health”, whereas for the marketplace it is generally “furniture, clothes, electronics”.

Clearly recognize the categories that exist on each website so that the SEO structure of the category is appropriate. For category names that are more than 1 word, use the dash “-” in the URL section. Example:

Women‘s Fashion Category:

  • Wolf is skirt
  • Tank Top

Men‘s Fashion Category:

  • Hoodie jacket
  • A sweater

Then the URL must:


Although it sounds trivial, SEO taxonomy can increase traffic by up to 200%. Besides that, if you push with Google Ads, the results can be even greater.

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What is the Meaning of Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is a technique used to increase the ranking of a page or website by breaking the rules made by search engines like Google.

Quoted from Mr.Black, it is very important to realize that websites that run black hat SEO can be subject to severe penalties from search engines. Therefore, knowledge of black hat SEO must be understood by all who do SEO campaigns.

The term “black hat” itself comes from western films which are often used to distinguish the antagonist from the protagonist, who usually wears a black hat. This is where the terms “black hat” and “white hat” SEO are created.

Black Hat SEO vs. White Hat SEO

Why are there so many SEO specialists that use techniques that are prohibited by search engines?

The answer is the black hat method is much easier to do and requires a much shorter time to increase the position of a website on search engines compared to the white hat method.

The main purpose of search engines is to provide relevant content and to its users.

Well, this black hat method instead looks for ways to “play around” the algorithms of search engines in order to get a high position, not by presenting quality content.

Why White Hat SEO?

A white hat SEO method is a set of ways to achieve a high position on search engines by trying to provide content from sources that are trusted and relevant to what is sought by consumers.

Algorithms from search engines themselves are continuously updated and increasingly sophisticated every time. The aim is to remove all manipulative activities on search engines.

In addition to the risk of being punished, serving quality and relevant content in a business can also damage the reputation of a brand!

6 of the most popular Black Hat SEO techniques


  •    Keyword Stuffing

Fill very many keywords on a page, with the aim of increasing position on search engines called keyword stuffing.

Slipping keywords in places that are not needed, where those keywords do not add value/use to content make the content look of quality and confusing for readers.

Google itself explains that keyword stuffing is an activity to repeat the same keywords excessively so that the page does not look natural and disturbs the reader.

  •     Paid Backlinks / Buying Backlinks

Search engines like Google strongly oppose the sale and purchase of backlinks.

Google states that any link intended to manipulate the ranking of a website on Google can be categorized as a violation!

Provide a website for goods or services, with reciprocity in the form of backlinks included in this category. Both buyers and sellers of backlinks will be subject to sanctions from Google if they are caught doing this activity.

If you are aware of this and have already done so, you can delete the backlink that you have provided or can contact the party concerned.

If not, you can also use Google’s link tools. By using the disavow link tool, you tell Google to ignore the link when calculating your website’s ranking.

  •    Spam Through the Comments Column

As the name suggests, the way this one is to put a link from your website in the comments column that is usually available on other people’s blogs.

Google updated its algorithm in Google Penguin Update, where Google no longer gives weight to the links in the comments column again. Even so, this method is still mostly practiced by SEO practitioners, especially in Indonesia.

  •      Link Farming

Link farming is a website or a collection of websites created with the aim of building backlinks.

Every website created will provide a backlink to the desired main website. This is done because search engines give weight to websites that get backlinks, the more quality backlinks obtained, the higher the ranking of a website.

Websites that are made to do link farming usually have unqualified content and have lots of outbound links from the website.

But search engines like Google are getting smarter at finding websites like this. This method must be avoided because it has a high risk.

  •     Private Blog Networks (PBN)

Private Blog Networks or commonly called PBN is a collection of websites with high authority, which is used to build backlinks.

The concept of this method is not much different from Link Farming above, but the domain used in PBN is usually a domain that has high authority.

Black hat SEO usually buy domains that are old/expired, then revive them to provide backlinks to their main websites. Just like link farming, this method is not recommended because it has a high risk.

Compared to spending time and energy to buy and animate the old domain, it’s better to use it to produce quality content, right?

  •     Quality Content

Broadly speaking, content that is not quality is content that does not provide value to the user.

One example is taking (copy & paste) content from other websites. This method has also been overcome by search engines such as Google by implementing Google Panda Update in 2011.

After the update took effect, many websites that did this method were affected and immediately experienced a decrease in their traffic.

In addition, adding keywords that are not visible to the user by making the writing color the same as the background color (for example, making the writing color white on a white background) also fall into this category.

Another way is to replace content that already has a high position on search engines with content that is not relevant at all. This is detrimental to users because they do not get the actual content sought.

Creating original and quality content is very important in undergoing white hat SEO. Not only to avoid penalties from search engines, but quality content will build trust in customers and the target audience of a brand.

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5 Small Mistakes in SEO that Have a Big Impact

If analogous to humans, the SEO website is the soul of the website. Website appearance with its design is a physical body, the content contained in the website is the mind itself. In order to walk in harmony, the three elements must be balanced. The design is considered, the thinking (the contents) is improved, so is the SEO applied well.

SEO is not just a webmaster tool but a combination of various other analyzes. Well, below I will describe 5 SEO errors that often occur, which seem small but have a big impact for you in website management.

1. Forgetting analytic

What tools have you used so far to monitor the performance of your website? How do you know that the implementation of SEO on your website has been running effectively and optimally? How do you know your website’s performance track, as ongoing analysis material?

In the world of SEO, webmaster tool is certainly no stranger.
Has your webmaster tool been integrated with analytic tools?

If you are a webmaster tool Google service user, use the verification method “Google analytic“, then go to the analytic page “asynchronous tracking code“, log in with the same webmaster tool account to get the tracking code that will be installed on the website.

Through this, you can monitor website activities, from audience reports, behavior, active users, demography to the technology (Browser / OS) that users use to access your website.

With this tool, it is certainly easier for you to conduct ongoing analysis

2. Forget content with relevant keywords

The purpose of SEO is to increase traffic, high traffic certainly increases the likelihood of transactions. SEO does not guarantee an increase in sales, but SEO ensures it can increase traffic. In increasing sales to achieve profit, return to the focus of content with the relevance of keywords so that they can answer what the user is looking for.

In the previous article, I have discussed a lot about how to create content that is high in visitors. Create content, don’t forget about keyword focus.

3. Wrong to choose keywords

Google is blind and has no taste, this is very good to be used to introduce your keywords to Google. Google will take every appropriate keyword to be displayed in search results. Make sure to apply the right keywords.

There are several ways that can help you determine keywords, including:

a. Position yourself as a user, do an analysis, roughly what words are usually used by users in a search. Keywords that are much sought after in searches such as “how-to” or “quick way”, “tips”, “steps” and others.

b. Use helpful tools. Take advantage of several online tools such as Google trend, Adword, keyword planner and SEMrush to determine research in advance. With this tool, you can find out how potential a keyword is, even the level of competition for that keyword.

4. Keyword spamming

Earlier I learned SEO, where “keywords” were the most highlighted, thinking about inserting keywords in each paragraph, even though the series of sentences was a little strange, in order to speed up the rating. This assumption is valid and true in the past, it works.

But SEO algorithms are increasingly developing. The search engine (Google) implements the Latent Semantic Indexing system which is a program designed to recognize a topic without stuffing keywords. Overusing keywords can even be recognized as spam. So spamming the use of keywords has no effect on the success of an SEO.

5. Forget about quality links

Building links/links with external links have an impact on your website’s ranking. Exchange links with other URLs / websites, but make sure the links that are inserted are relevant and have a good reputation.

5 small things that are sometimes forgotten when implementing SEO. Who is building a website and developing his promotion should not be half-hearted in working on SEO.

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What is the Difference Between SEM and SEO?

What is SEM?

SEM (online search engine advertising) is frequently translated as PPC (Pay each Click). In various other languages, ​​SEM is an advertising technique that depends on online search engines with paid solutions (paid advertisements) to advertise websites to show up on page 1 from the SERP.

SERP (Online search engine outcome page) is a web page that shows the search results page based upon keywords typed.

SEM task is frequently called paid to browse, much more typically called AdWords. You that frequently used the online search engine (google) should have discovered the search results page with the sign Advertisement in the link. Sites that usage paid solutions will constantly show up on the very first page and leading line.

What is SEO?

What is SEO online search engine optimization?

Get an SEO overview :

Get Google first setting with search engine optimization, SEO Google – accelerate the Google index
Execute natural SEO site gradually however surely

What is the distinction between SEM and SEO?

One of the most distinguishing points is financial investment and period.

Executing SEO on a site takes a minimum of 1-3 months to obtain a tactical position on an online search engine. While SEM methods have the ability to advertise sites with immediate outcomes. Your website shows up on the very first page from the leading online search engine rows in simply an issue from days (as lengthy as you‘ve paid the expense)

SEO tasks describe the optimization tasks from a site to ensure that they‘re prepared to contend to show up on SERP. In SEO different elements are evaluated thoroughly (efficiency, backlinks, headings to the picture characteristics). Unlike SEM, as lengthy as you can manage the promo, your site will remain to show up on the very first page from the search results page.

Which is much better in between SEM and SEO


Both ready!

If you‘ve much more budget plan in advertising a site, this would behave to register for paid solutions such as AdWords. If the site you‘re advertising is of poor quality, it is worthless also. Previously choosing to do SEM, enhance your site very first. Prioritizing site optimization in regards to rate and high quality from material efficiency.

This guidance, if you desire quick outcomes, for a brief time period attempt executing SEM. When it comes to long-lasting lasting outcomes, it‘s much better to enhance your website’s SEO.

SEM coincides as SEO which is not restricted to 1 online search engine. However, this can likewise be put on various other online search engines, such as Bing Advertisements, Yahoo Gemini, and so forth.

SEM and SEO are really not something various, however an equally strengthening method, in purchase to accomplish the advertising objective from obtaining high and appropriate web traffic.

Besides SEM and SEO, they’re still various other marketing methods that you can attempt, such as social networks advertising, e-mail advertising, and so forth. This method is likewise efficient in enhancing web traffic and promo from your website.