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5 Small Mistakes in SEO that Have a Big Impact

If analogous to humans, the SEO website is the soul of the website. Website appearance with its design is a physical body, the content contained in the website is the mind itself. In order to walk in harmony, the three elements must be balanced. The design is considered, the thinking (the contents) is improved, so is the SEO applied well.

SEO is not just a webmaster tool but a combination of various other analyzes. Well, below I will describe 5 SEO errors that often occur, which seem small but have a big impact for you in website management.

1. Forgetting analytic

What tools have you used so far to monitor the performance of your website? How do you know that the implementation of SEO on your website has been running effectively and optimally? How do you know your website’s performance track, as ongoing analysis material?

In the world of SEO, webmaster tool is certainly no stranger.
Has your webmaster tool been integrated with analytic tools?

If you are a webmaster tool Google service user, use the verification method “Google analytic“, then go to the analytic page “asynchronous tracking code“, log in with the same webmaster tool account to get the tracking code that will be installed on the website.

Through this, you can monitor website activities, from audience reports, behavior, active users, demography to the technology (Browser / OS) that users use to access your website.

With this tool, it is certainly easier for you to conduct ongoing analysis

2. Forget content with relevant keywords

The purpose of SEO is to increase traffic, high traffic certainly increases the likelihood of transactions. SEO does not guarantee an increase in sales, but SEO ensures it can increase traffic. In increasing sales to achieve profit, return to the focus of content with the relevance of keywords so that they can answer what the user is looking for.

In the previous article, I have discussed a lot about how to create content that is high in visitors. Create content, don’t forget about keyword focus.

3. Wrong to choose keywords

Google is blind and has no taste, this is very good to be used to introduce your keywords to Google. Google will take every appropriate keyword to be displayed in search results. Make sure to apply the right keywords.

There are several ways that can help you determine keywords, including:

a. Position yourself as a user, do an analysis, roughly what words are usually used by users in a search. Keywords that are much sought after in searches such as “how-to” or “quick way”, “tips”, “steps” and others.

b. Use helpful tools. Take advantage of several online tools such as Google trend, Adword, keyword planner and SEMrush to determine research in advance. With this tool, you can find out how potential a keyword is, even the level of competition for that keyword.

4. Keyword spamming

Earlier I learned SEO, where “keywords” were the most highlighted, thinking about inserting keywords in each paragraph, even though the series of sentences was a little strange, in order to speed up the rating. This assumption is valid and true in the past, it works.

But SEO algorithms are increasingly developing. The search engine (Google) implements the Latent Semantic Indexing system which is a program designed to recognize a topic without stuffing keywords. Overusing keywords can even be recognized as spam. So spamming the use of keywords has no effect on the success of an SEO.

5. Forget about quality links

Building links/links with external links have an impact on your website’s ranking. Exchange links with other URLs / websites, but make sure the links that are inserted are relevant and have a good reputation.

5 small things that are sometimes forgotten when implementing SEO. Who is building a website and developing his promotion should not be half-hearted in working on SEO.