This time I will discuss websites that help you to check competitor backlinks. As SEO it is natural that we are looking for backlinks for link building. There are several websites that help you to check competitor backlinks.

1. Ahrefs


The fourth one is, in my opinion, Ahrefs has quite a lot of good facilities and features in it, I used to often use it myself. Well, for Ahrefs itself, you will be given backlink lists from those starting to encore, PA & DA, then which ones are broken, which ones are no-follow, continuing from the website, continuing to link profiles, and there are several sites that are shared by him from Blogspot Ahrefs shared it so you can be picky. Ahrefs is indeed paid so you have to spend a budget too.

2. Moz


Furthermore, there is the name, maybe for SEO people, this has often been heard about to check rankings, backlinks, and others. For, what I like is that it can check backlinks for spam checks, so you can know which backlinks are spam and which are not. You can also check PA & DA, but not how many PA & DAs you can check, but is one of the easiest ways to check competitor backlinks.

3. Seo Review Tools

The second is the SEO Review Tools. This is one of the websites I often use to check competitor backlinks. In addition to checking competitor backlinks, this SEO Review Tool is also easy to check PA & DA. Well, for myself, this SEO review tool is user-friendly as well as Ranksignals. However, for the SEO Review Tools, in my opinion, it is mostly for the discovery of backlinks. So, it can give you input for quality backlinks.

4. Ranksignal


One of them is the first, namely Ranksignals for the website,, here you can check the backlinks of your competitors, especially to check the backlinks that are mostly used by competitors ordered on Google. For Ranksignals itself it is user-friendly, but indeed for using Ranksignals there is such a thing as a limit, so it cannot be used continuously. And the first is that Ranksignals also cannot be used continuously, so you must log in first before using this.

5. Semrush


The fifth one is Semrush, this also includes Ahrefs, it also has more features if it is paid, so you have to spend a budget if you use Semrush. Apart from that, in my opinion, Semrush provides many features that provide SEOs for website optimization, including website audits, PA & DA checks, and all kinds. Well, besides that, I also have some recommendations for those of you who want to check competitor backlinks, for example, LCR, Majestic, Link OD, Backlink Watch, and WebMeUp. For myself from the 5 websites that I explained, I mostly use Ahrefs and Semrush and LCR. Well, that depends on you. Only from my previous 5 recommendations, the average is user-friendly, so it’s easier to use and easier to practice.

In addition, for yourself who is an SEO specialist, you should definitely be able to choose which backlinks are quality, which is not. So, avoid backlinks that seem spamming and avoid backlinks that are too much like spamming or like, for example, there are already many backlinks that are already there so just avoid it. Look for references to backlinks that competitors like to use. You can also from websites like Moz, Ahrefs, Semrush, you can type the encore text that is used by competitors. So, you can find out what encore text they usually use for link building. So, from there I hope you can practice or open some of the websites I described earlier to check the backlinks of your competitors.

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