Taxonomy is the same as classifying things based on certain criteria. In addition to increasing SEO and Click-through Rate (CTR) websites. As a result, the existing content looks tidier and organized in the eyes of your audience. They are also easier to navigate what’s on your website.

What are the uses of SEO Taxonomy?

SEO Taxonomy is the process of optimizing Search Engine pages for websites that are based on the organizational structure of content, for example, categories and tags.

Then how? Very simply, SEO Taxonomy is the same as you updating content that you have published. This you can do by adding pictures, or the number of words so that the content feels more informative and In-Depth.

Other ways such as updating common SEO elements in your content such as Meta Titles, Meta Description, to make excerpts in each post.

SEO Taxonomy has the following advantages:

  1. The content on the website looks much more tidy and easy to navigate
  2. Facilitate the search engine Crawling process because the website structure is more optimal and easy to search for search engines
  3. Website User Interface is more User Friendly

How SEO Taxonomy Works

Although it has been explained above that SEO Taxonomy is the same as changing or updating the existing content, but actually it’s not that easy. First, you have to know the type of website. There are many types of websites themselves, but the most popular ones are:

  • News Portal
  • Company Profile
  • Market Place
  • Forum

You need to know that each type has a different category. Each has its own characteristics. For example, the News portal category is in the form of “technology, politics, health”, whereas for the marketplace it is generally “furniture, clothes, electronics”.

Clearly recognize the categories that exist on each website so that the SEO structure of the category is appropriate. For category names that are more than 1 word, use the dash “-” in the URL section. Example:

Women‘s Fashion Category:

  • Wolf is skirt
  • Tank Top

Men‘s Fashion Category:

  • Hoodie jacket
  • A sweater

Then the URL must:


Although it sounds trivial, SEO taxonomy can increase traffic by up to 200%. Besides that, if you push with Google Ads, the results can be even greater.

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